Touch escape for wellness. Our modern lives are continuously being exposed to increasing levels of stimulation and stress. These elements can have psychological and physiological effects that pull our bodies out of natural balance, chi, or homeostasis. This affects ourselves and potentially others around us. Whether it is sitting at a desk, typing and mousing front of a computer, looking down at our phones, driving long distances, having a hard or stressful day at work, or running a marathon, we sometimes need to press our own ESC (Escape) keys to escape away from whatever we might be doing or thinking. Spend a moment to recharge and regain that balance. When we are more balanced, the world is more balanced.

Touch improves wellness. Touch is a therapeutic, natural, and non-invasive approach to help return balance back to the body. Massage has a large number of benefits, with primary areas including mental focus or relaxation, pain relief, posture, range of motion, and sense of well-being.